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So is CBD legal or what?!

Whether it’s a comment on our Facebook page or an email we receive, we are always getting messages from people inquisitive about whether CBD is legal or not? It’s a valid question as nobody wants to be breaking any laws, especially unknowingly. While we guarantee that all of the products at DiscoverCBD are 110% legal to be used and shipped across the country, we pride ourselves in educating customers in being able to differentiate what types of CBD are legal and illegal in their particular state. So, without further adieu, let’s break down one the most misunderstood dietary supplements on the market today.

Cannabidiol (CBD) can either be derived from medical marijuana plants or industrially grown hemp plants. While both plants are of the cannabis genus, they both serve different purposes and have varying legal statuses.

CBD derived from marijuana plants are grown specifically to produce a high percentage of CBD, but they will inevitablely have THC in them. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana that is known to get people “high.” In order to procure CBD-infused marijuana products, you must obtain a medical marijuana license in the 25 states it is legal or you can purchase it if you are 21 years or older in states where recreational marijuana is permitted. However, since CBD-infused marijuana products are in high demand for medical uses and associated conditions, it is often reserved for these patients and not widely available to the public.

As far as the effects of CBD-infused marijuana products, some medical patients do not like the feeling. Even a little THC can get you “high” depending on a number of factors and patients often do not like to use these products in the workplace or while being active. Aside from the effects, you have to be living in states that have legalized medical marijuana and need a prescription from a doctor. It is illegal if you do not live in one of these states. For a complete list of states that permit medical marijuana click here.

When it comes to CBD that is derived from industrial hemp plants, that is a different story. The FDA has deemed hemp oil and CBD-rich oil derived from hemp as a dietary supplement (as opposed to a medication). This means that it is not classified as a “medicine” and you do not need a prescription to obtain it. You can legally purchase CBD oil in any state. Hemp plants also have the slightest trace amounts of THC. You could smoke an entire harvest and you would not get high. Because of this, people are able to travel with these supplements, take them at work, and don’t have to worry about any type of mind-altering effects. Active CBD Oil products are hemp-based and fall under this category.

It is pretty safe to say that these products will remain legal in the United States and research has shown them to have no known negative side effects. The DiscoverCBD team has meticulously researched these products over the years and encourage you to check out our past blog entries to educate yourself on the benefits of CBD, buyers guide, and why CBD might be beneficial as a daily supplement. We also encourage you to reach out and contact us at any time if you have any questions or need any recommendations.

Discover CBD is here to provide you with blog postings and resources that contain only useful facts about hemp-based, legal Cannabidiol (CBD) leading you to the products that are right for you.

Do you have a question or comment about CBD? Let us know, and we will respond right away. In the meantime, sign up for our newsletters and visit our website regularly for the latest updates on research, legislation, and other news impacting you and cannabidiol.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! To get your very own Active CBD products, come into any one of our Discover CBD stores, on the web at, facebook, or by simply calling us at, 719-358-7553 to place an order!

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Author: Leah Concialdi

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