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Ingestion, Sublingual, or Topical CBD Oil

One of the main concerns when trying CBD oil for the first time is figuring out the most appropriate administration of the supplement into the body. Not only is this important for dosing and management, but knowing what would work the most efficient way is just as important. Due to everyone's unique endocannabinoid system, the effects of CBD (whether you use it topically, ingest it or digest it) will vary from person to person. But is one method actually really better than the other? We have seen from past results that the answer is that it will mostly depend on the specific reason the CBD oil is being sought after in the first place. 

Generally speaking, the human body will absorb more substances and more consistently when taken its sublingually (into the mouth) right under the tongue as opposed to taking it through the digestive track. This will in turn, will allow the substance to travel a lot quicker into the bloodstream, letting it go to work that much faster. Ingesting CBD oil is not only the most common way, but it seems to provide the most bio-availability to our human bodies. This is thanks mainly due to the CB2 receptors being readily responsive which spreads more areas throughout the body, hence covering more ground increasing the chances of relieving the original source of pain or discomfort. While it seems to deliver the CBD oil into the body system quicker, ingesting seems to be lacking in the area of duration and a longer term of relief. 

This is where digestion comes into the picture. While digestion may take longer for substances to kick into the system, it is important to note that eating CBD and digesting it, it will allow the compound to release much slowly into the body, doubling the time when compared to an oral application, such as a capsule or a tincture. When the CBD is digested, the absorption will take longer, which will allow the slower release of the cannabidnoid into the bodies system. This in essence will create a longer duration of stay in the body. Taking a capsule or eating an edible in general, will give similar effects.

For isolated issues and spot-on pain, topicals seem to be the better direction and more effective administration of CBD oil. Most commonly used for joint and muscle aches, the topicals are made to be absorbed through the skin, but it may take longer to feel the effects, because its not going to enter the bloodstream. However, the effects through the skin seems to be more consistent as opposed to the other applications. Whichever medium you decide to choose, the diversity in CBD infused products seems to be making it easier in finding the right CBD oil application that suites you.

For most people, the comfort level in taking any CBD product plays an important role as well. In conclusion, since there is not one single method of consumption that is 'better' than the next, it's rather about what is more appropriate for the certain type of issue the individual is looking for. Just like any other supplement or addition to a medicinal regiment, CBD oil may or may not be for you. Its always best before starting a new regimen, to speak to a licensed health professional, especially if he or she is managing a chronic issue. No matter how a person may take CBD oil, its benefits are noted in the past that CBD tends to have more pros than cons, so it would be something worth looking into.

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Author: Dea Hong

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