CBD Infused Coffee

8oz 500mg CBD 

2oz 125mg CBD

        CBD Infused Chocolate

         Sour Gummies

300mg CBD

10 count 100mg CBD/Bottle

25 count 250mg CBD/Bottle

Finally here are the Active CBD Oil Gummies that we have all been waiting for. These gummies are a great way to ingest CBD that taste much better than the oil itself, tinctures or other forms of ingesting CBD.

  • THC-free; Non-psychoactive. 

  • 10mg CBD per gummy bear. 

  • Slightly sour coating to cover taste of CBD

  • No taste or odor associated with CBD oil or hemp. 

  • Absolutely no fillers, preservatives, solvents, or additives. Made from Non-GMO hemp.

         Jumbo Gummies

20 count 180mg CBD/Bottle

  • Broad spectrum 

  • THC-Free

  • Non-psychoactive

  • 9mg CBD per gummy

  • No taste or odor associated with CBD Oil or Hemp

  • Each batch that is produced is sent to a 3rd party lab and results are consistently updated here: Active CBD oil Test Result Page.

Limited edition Jumbo Gummies are only available while supplies last.

Honey Sticks

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